Want to deploy more sensors for less cost?

Extend and expand your environmental measurement reach.

The Internet of Things.

Wireless, low-power, wide-area sensor networks.

SDI-12 Wireless LPWAN Slave (long-range wireless bridge/cable replacement).

Extends the range of an SDI-12 LPWAN network.

SDI-12 Wireless LPWAN Master (connects up to 18 Motes/slaves and 3 repeaters).

Better decisions come from seeing the bigger picture.

We enable better insight by extending and expanding the area that can be covered by remote sensors, allowing data to be captured from a more geographically diverse area at a lower total cost than using traditional sensor deployments. 

We accomplish this by using unlicensed wireless spectrum to seamlessly connect SDI‐12 sensors spanning long distances—up to 50 km (31 miles). Our TITAN Radius sensor networks are all-in-one, self configuring, and have extremely low power consumption.

More data means better insight.

A deeper understanding affords better decisions.

Highly Reliable, Cost-Efficient Remote Sensor Networks

Low Power Consumption

Needs no recharging for years.


Integrated radio, battery, power management, enclosure, mounting bracket–nothing else required.

Wide Area Coverage

Up to 15km, up to 50km using repeaters. Up to 180 sensors in a single network.

Reduced Complexity

Eliminate data loggers, solar panels, power managers, cables and use a single data uplink to the cloud.

Simple deployment

Self-configuring, works right out of the box.


Add additional Motes, Repeaters or sensors as needed. Up to 10 sensors per Mote/slave, 6 Motes/slaves per repeater, 3 repeaters per network.

Environmentally Rugged

IP67 rated, continual operation in even harsh Canadian winters, from -40°C to +75°C (-40°F to 167°F)

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Reduced infrastructure requirements combined with quick and easy installation and little-to-zero maintenance keep overall ownership costs down.

Greater Spatial Resolution, Lower Cost Per Sensor

No. of sensors



Reduced cost per sensor deployment

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Typical sensor network