Manufacturing Technologist

We are looking for someone like ourselves. Attitude is the most important attribute. We will select someone with a “can do” attitude over someone with better experience and a “status quo” attitude. We want people who can follow the rules and break the rules—we’d prefer someone who needs little management, but asks for guidance—we will train you. Speed and efficiency are important to us, but not at the cost of quality—we balance our priorities and efforts to meet the needs of our business. Problems come up...we don’t cry about it, we solve them intelligently. Our environment is dynamic—we make plans, they often change, we adapt to the priorities at hand.

How much data can be transferred through Xo?

Up to 25MB of data can be transferred through Xo per month. If, in the unlikely event that, more than 25MB of data is collected during a monthly period, an alert will be sent to the administrator account, and you may be charged $2.00 per MB for all data consumed over this limit.
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